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Benefits of ChartMaster

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Strategy backtest

Know why CFD brokers always warn that ~80% of users make losses when trading? That's because they trade without any practice.


Market replay

Having to wait for days and weeks to see whether your strategy makes losses or profits is discouraging. With ChartMaster you can verify many different trading schemes within minutes or hours.


Practice using stop loss and take profit

Everybody makes mistakes. Sometimes our trades turn agains us. Learn how important it is to secure your transactions with stop loss orders.


Don't cut your profits

The most common pitfall of investing - cutting the profits short and letting the losses grow. Do you tend to make the same mistake?


Not an ideal world

In an ideal world we wouldn't have commisions, spreads and slippage. In ChartMaster you can easily configure these parameters so that your great strategy doesn't let you down in a real world.


Various assets

Choose between stocks, commodities, market indices or cryptocurrencies. Each have their own characteristics, so you might need a different approach for each asset.


No cheating

ChartMaster can hide actual dates, prices and names of the assets so that you don't use your pre-existing knowledge to make unrealistic profits.


Play long or short

Change leverage depending on asset type. Change size of your position. See charts of your trading results and watch your progress.

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